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Open file tips

Open standard diagnostic log file

To open a standard OBD log file you need to press [Open file] button or use Menu -> Open file item.

If you use your logging device often it may happen you have hundereds or thousands of logs in this folder. There are various cars logs, different customers, with specific settings, specific measured values, specific diagnostics situations performed – and each has got its own file.

In this case log filter will help you a lot. How to use it?

Put cursor into File mask text box. Type the text which is contained in log file names you would like to filter and press [ENTER]

TIP: pressing ENTER in File mask text box does the same as clicking “Open file” button and speeds up your task

In this case we are filtering a customer with “d865” signature.

You will usually open only one file. But if you need you can select and open multiple files in one shot.

But be careful – if you choose too many files in one shot and these files are bigger you will be waiting a bit long to load them all.

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