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First setup

Download and install LogView. In the top right corner, you can switch language [ENG/CZ]. (more translations are coming soon)


In [Help ► Keyboard shortcuts] is a list of available shortcuts, which can speed up your work!

Opening a log

There are three ways to open a log. First, you click [File ► Open file...] and find your log. Second, click [Open file...] button on toolbar. Or just use a shortcut - CTRL+O!

Using a file mask

Using a file mask is a quick and convenient way to search and open log. Simply write a number/name of your log and press Enter - it will search for a correct log and you do not have to waste your time!

Logs - line display settings

Line parsing – [Divide to single rows] will split all curves. [Divide to groups] splits curves into groups (by block setting). [Join all curves] will merge all curves.

Logs - arrange windows

If you click [Window] button, there is a dropdown menu with windows arrangement options. Also, on the main panel are two buttons, with witch you can move the window to upper/lower half of the viewport.

Logs - sidebar/line settings

In the sidebar, on the right side of the viewport, you can adjust the visibility of a line [Show checkbox] and if you doubleclick on the [Value/Description], you can set the range and appearance of the data row. You can also open the [Data Row setup] if you doubleclick the line itself.